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"Becoming a true trailblazer: starting a business in Madagascar"


Ny'Ala Skin Care: Magic Pink Kaolin Clay Cleanser

From Madagascar to Staten Island -- and it'll make you beautiful!



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Hannah Organica Blog 

Straight from her amazing blog! Go check it out for reviews and tips on natural skin care and plants!

" I’m overjoyed to have connected with Dana, founder of Ny'Ala Skin Care. She’s created a line of luxury, non-toxic, herbal personal care that promotes the conjunctive healing of the mind, body and planet, while providing capital for poverty reduction and conservation efforts in rural regions of the world. Every ingredient is carefully chosen, as sustainability is important to her mission. With each purchase, you help fund reforestation projects in Ranomafana, Madagascar.

Dana is passionate about protecting and living in harmony with the earth. She travelled to Madagascar after college and fell in love. She knew she wanted to contribute to protecting species and poverty alleviation - but wasn't sure how. She launched Ny'Ala in 2015 after many months living abroad in Madagascar, as a way to fuse beautifully handcrafted skin care with traditional methods. Her firm belief is that if we all do something small, that is when great and tangible change occurs. 

I feel so lucky to have connected with her, as we share the same values on sustainability - an important topic today as more brands continue to use plant based formulas. 

I fell in love with this luxurious cleanser, it’s perfect for when I’m not oil cleansing and want something that absorbs excess oil. It’s non-foaming and extremely gentle, while melting oil, makeup and impurities from the skin. Most importantly, it doesn’t strip your skins natural barrier. The geranium and calendula essential oils are soothing - helping to relieve stress and anxiety. // 36 trees are planted with the purchase of Magic Pink Kaolin Clay Cleanser

Make sure to shake well with every use, as the clay naturally sinks to the bottom. Since this product is preservative free, you should use within 4 to 6 months of purchase. "


Michelle Filipe, Pastry Chef and Creative

I can't say enough about the Nyla Skin Care products! I think it is absolutely amazing knowing that this company has traveled and studied in the rainforests of Madagascar! Her love for mother nature and giving back is so inspiring and remarkable! How can you not support this young local business? The products are beautiful and pure and 10% of every purchase goes toward reforestation and community development in Ranomafana, Madagascar. I always like to purchase something with a cause, its a great feeling all around! I use Magic Clay every morning to wash my face, my face tends to get oily and this has helped knock that out. I've used Magic Oil for my hair, skin, nails, face, and lips! I absolutely love it! A few months ago I had a really bad allergic reaction to ESO Lip balm and very recently to Chapstick Brand chapsticks... it was horrible! My lips were dry and chapped and it was red and bumpy around my lips, I was also an uncomfortable pain. I looked to NyAla and I immediately tried the Cannabis Serum, this helped the swelling and redness calm down. Alongside the serum I used the Healing Lip Balm and it helped keep my lips moisturized during the whole process. I honestly feel like it saved my life! I was so scared to try any other lip balm during that time because it seemed like anything I used just made it worse! I recently started using the Under Eye Serum in the mornings and it just gives you a boost! In addition to my coffee maker brewing fresh coffee, this serum gives me that same boost and excitement in the morning (sounds silly, I know! But I just love it!) Oh and after a good cry sash sappy movie, it helps with that puffiness! (Insert laughing/crying emoji here) !!! Last but not least I FINALLY tried Glow today! Fresh out of the shower, did my hair, make up and decided to give it a try... Holy moisture! My skin felt so amazing! I just felt like I was wrapped in silk! It didn't even feel oily. I can't wait for summer so I can just feel extra beautiful, moisturized and sparkly! (Don't worry ladies its not crazy sparkly, its the perfect amount of shimmer!) Shine On Ladies! NyAla is my new jam!

I loved the product so much (the few I had tried in the beginning, now I love more!) I bought the Care package for my Secret Santa at work and she LOVED it! I can't wait to buy Magic for my Mom on Mother's Day and her Birthday!!! Thank You NyAla, I love your message & I love your products!!!




Suzanne Spiegoski, Creator of MAQ+SUZ

Geranium + Pink Kaolin Clay Cleanser - this cleanser is amazing! The Pink Kaolin Clay is best used on my sensitive skin to gently exfoliate and deeply absorb excessive oils. My skin was super soft to the touch and I really love adding this in with my foaming cleanser.

Geranium + Calendula Moisturizing Oil - I'm all about moisturizing oils and this can be used on all parts of the body. (Great for your hair.) I find it so important to use face oil morning and night to keep your skin hydrated, especially when traveling or for colder weather when the skin tends to dry out more. The blended oils also carry a lovely floral scent to it.

Rose + Shea Moisturizing Salve - my new favorite salve, it's the perfect moisturizing lip balm for my dry lips during the winter season. And the subtle rose scent is lovely, I also really love the matte feel to this salve as most look more glossy than this one. It's so good! :) 



Laura Durlacher, Lemur Enthusiast + Lemur Love Volunteer

I first learned about Ny'Ala through Instagram after traveling to Madagascar for my honeymoon. I was excited to try a product that helped the people and conservation efforts in one of the places we visited during our trip, Ranomafana. (That’s me in the photo with my trusty ringtail pal, Lucky at Centre Valbio in Ranomafana, June 2016.)

As I learned more about the company, I was incredibly impressed with Ny'Ala's brand.  The website is easy to navigate, the online shop is seamless, but most importantly for me, the company's vision is articulate, altruistic and fosters education.

Ny'Ala is an all-natural herbal self-care company that "promotes the conjunctive healing of the mind, body and planet, while providing capital for poverty reduction and conservation efforts in rural regions of the world."  More specifically, Ny'Ala works directly with Malagasy people to protect rainforests by sourcing every ingredient intentionally, and funding reforestation projects in Ranomafana, Madagascar.  What else could you want from a line of beauty products that helps others?

Other than the sense of satisfaction I get from buying products from a responsible company, the products themselves are some of the best skincare products I have ever used. I've also gifted Ny'Ala products to my friends and family. Let's just say I won Christmas.


Angela Morabito, Former Teacher

I have to say since I started using this amazing serum I had no idea how great it would be on my skin. It made a big difference in the way my uneven skin tone was. I have large pores, sun spots and of course, wrinkles.  After using it for about 2 weeks, I noticed my pores were almost gone, my sun spots faded and I hardly noticed the wrinkles.  My skin is looking so much healthier and softer since using the black seed serum. I can't get enough and a little goes a long way!  I love the way my skin feels and looks now!  I look so much younger and for that I'm super happy!  I am forever thankful to Ny'Ala for making this wonderful natural product!  It's a keeper for me!

Angela Morabito
Retired since October 2016



Tara Linton, Wildlife Educator, New York City Department of Parks & Recreation

I've always been hesitant to try new products because of my sensitive skin & facial eczema but I trusted Ny'Ala's all natural, homeopathic ingredients and was blown away! Not only does it clean my face but it also moisturizes and even cleared up and evened out my skin. I've made the switch from Aveeno & Simple brands to the Ny'ala's Magic Oil and Glow Exfoliant for clear and healthy skin by way of ethical products. THANK YOU!!🌿💛



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Click to check out the Sweet Jelly Bean Blog

Click to check out the Sweet Jelly Bean Blog

Donah Davila, Beauty Blogger and Creator of Sweet Jelly Bean

"  From the far reaches of the Indian Ocean, you will find the humble beginnings of Ny’Ala Skin Care. Dana Cutolo, its founder, fell in love with the island of Madagascar after visiting soon after graduating college. 90% of the fauna found here are unique to the beautiful rain forests that adorn its lands, which, like many other tropical paradises around the world, are disappearing at a rapid pace.

Dana’s love for the island’s nature and local culture inspired her to find a way to bring some form of healing to this majestic place. But how? That’s when Ny’Ala Skin Care was born. Created in 2015 and meaning “of the Forest” in Malagasy, what better way to bring the world’s attention to the wonders of Madagascar than to give everyone the chance to literally feel a small piece of its magic? 

Made in small batches, Ny’Ala offers a fine line of bath and body products, infused with traditional Malagasy healing plants, that will take your skin on a warm, earthy, and therapeutic adventure. I ended up picking two products from their Magic line – because everyone deserves a little bit of magic once in a while, right?

Up first is their Magic Body Scrub, a beautiful blend of floral Geranium and soothing Calendula infused with other essential oils and salt, such as Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Coconut Oil, to help nourish and moisturize your skin. It’s one of the gentlest scrubs I’ve ever tried with such a relaxing scent that can turn your shower or bathing experience extra special. Not only have I used it on my face, it works great as a foot scrub, too.

As I’m obsessed (yes, obsessed) with facial oils, I had to try their Magic ‘Everything Oil. I was actually debating at first whether to indulge myself in Revive since it is made with menthol and citrus blend, but had to reconsider and went for the same blend as the body scrub. Ny’Ala’s ‘Everything Oil’ is concocted to be used for all parts of the body with low and non-comedogenic oils and is 100% natural and vegan.

The goal here is nourished, toned and healthy-glowing skin plus balancing for the mind. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling heavy or greasy, but simply full of vigor due to its lightweight texture.

10% of every purchase goes toward reforestation and community development in Ranomafana, Madagascar. So while your skin and body’s vitality is carefully restored, you can also take pride in making a positive difference to those across our great oceans.


Kate Thompson, Humanitarian and Conservationist based in Stony Brook, New York, director of The Amani Foundation

I've used Ny-Ala products since before they were "Ny-Ala." My skin goes through terrible times when I'm working in the field. Between break outs, sun burn, and intermittent dust storms, I rarely have the time to properly care for my skin and hair. ince 2015 I've used Ny-Ala's tonics and oils to refresh during field work. The floral scents are up-lifting and indulgent, and bring a portable bit of luxury to my life while I'm living off the grid! They make me feel confident and clean, even when the only audience I have are the local wildlife!



Nicole Trifilio

Lately I've been thinking seriously about the products I use on my body. So I decided to do a complete overhaul and only use non toxic products with ingredients I can produce.

Once I found Ny'Ala I was hooked! Not only does my skin and hair look the best it ever has, I've gained a better understanding of the ingredients used in beauty care products and it's opened my eyes to the importance of what I'm using on myself and the effects on the environment.