Globally, our rainforests are at risk due to deforestation due extraction and climate change. There are many forces that lead to deforestation such as poverty (using trees for cooking fires, and building), extraction of resources for sale (foods like superfoods, wood products, animals, oils like palm oil, medicinally valuable plants, etc.), and climate change (some plants are now unable to survive in their original region). 

There are many reasons we are now losing our critical rainforests. Endless and careless extraction of resources is a the biggest and most devastating cause. A lot of the products that we use in our country come from rainforests, such as rubber, coffee and rain forest woods.  

Choosing our products wisely and generally understanding the impact we face if we lose our rainforests can help us mitigate deforestation. Each of us needs to be thoughtful about the way we consume these products, and support companies and programs that make a commitment to better environmental practices

Planting and raising trees! In order to combat the loss we must replant. Reforestation initiatives are extremely important to our earth.








Tropical rainforests are believed to be the oldest and most complex land-based ecosystem on earth, containing over 30 million species of plants and animals. That's half of the Earth's wildlife and at least two-thirds of it's plants.

Because most tropical rainforest grows in warm and steamy environments, it contains a huge variety of plants. One hectare of lowland rainforest may contain 1000 trees with up to 300 species.

There are many reasons rainforests are important - but mostly because they are home to most of our earths species of plants and animals, they filter earths water and air while regulating our global climate, the provide us with life saving medicines derived from plant compounds (think about the vast number of plants going extinct, how many of those could have been a cure for our major diseases?), and lastly they prevent soil erosion.

The key to human life is in the protection of our resources. Everyone can agree with this - despite what your views are - we MUST protect our rainforests; whether you look at it as protecting our global assets, or you have an innate love and respect for nature.