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Herbal Skin Care Consultation


30 minute remote consultation

Want to talk to me in depth about your skin concerns and how you can cultivate a better, or more natural routine?

In this consultation you will learn more about your specific skin needs and we will sort out a basic natural daily routine that works best for you!

We will discuss:

  • Your current skin problems / concerns

  • Your diet / lifestyle

  • Personalized D.I.Y recipes for your skin type

  • Which herbs / botanicals are best suited for you + how to use them

You will receive:

  • 30 minute remote phone or skype consultation

  • Skin type evaluation with customized PDF skin profile

  • Customized skin care routine for morning and night

  • Suggested Ny’Ala products and custom usage guide

  • 20% off your starter product set of your choice

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