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Hemp Beauty Balm


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Hemp Beauty Balm for removing makeup, especially waterproof eyeliner + mascara which are pretty hard to remove! The power of Cannabis is truly amazing - this hemp balm is gentle, moisturizing, powerful but won’t clog the pores. Use before washing your face to pull the makeup off.

Balms are essential - they deeply moisturize all body parts from cuticles to feet, they act as a barrier + humectant, and remove makeup of all types - they’re truly a go-to product - if I had to choose one things to bring with me to a deserted island, it would be a balm.

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Additional Info

Ingredients: hemp (cannabis sativa) oil, MCT coconut oil, calendula infused Olive Oil, fair trade shea butter, and Raw Locally Sourced Beeswax.

How to Use: Rub onto eyes to remove eyeliner + mascara, make sure you get it all off - prepare to look like a demon with makeup all over your face! Follow up with an exfoliating bar soap or gentle cleanser, rinse and dry off with a soft face cloth.