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Purifying Facial Steam Blend


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Ever wonder why we steam our face during a facial? - A great way to loosen dirt, oil and natural sebum on the skin is to use the heat from steam, which is gentle and warming. You can add a visual + medicinal booster to your steam by adding skin safe flowers, herbs and spices!

To use: add half the bag to a heat safe bowl of boiling water, then place your head over the steam and inhale. Add more hot water if needed. You can strain the water and use it as a face rinse if you want!

Ingredients: Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula, Comfrey and Basil
*see below for herb benefits

*statements of medicinal value are not FDA approved of course - also, if you have allergies to any plants or herbs, take a pinch in hot water and do a patch test! This blend contains only gentle herbs - but you never know!!

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Additional Info

Sustainability: Organic herbs + flowers used, biodegradable + compostable label, reusable bag (great for the bulk herb section of your health food or whole foods store - use this to buy some DIY ingredients!). Each purchase plants trees on the Big Island of Hawai'i with ReForest Hawai'i!

Herb Benefits:

Lavender: Calming, cooling, soothing to skin and helps mitigate irritation during cleansing, exfoliating or masking.

Basil: anti-bacterial, helps kill acne bacteria

Chamomile: Soothing, brightening, helps to soften skin for easy cleansing and extractions.

Calendula: gently healing, promotes collagen + skin cell renewal

Comfrey: some herbalists say not to use comfrey in large or concentrated amounts - but this steam contains a small amount to help product penetration + absorption. When you layer products onto the face, comfrey will help pull them in and become more active.