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Black Seed Serum with Sicilian Neroli Oil

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Nigella sativa + Sicilian Neroli come together to nourish your skin and uplift you with the intoxicating scent of orange flowers. This scent is absolutely magnificent.*

Black Seed Oil is the oil of the black cumin seed (Nigella sativa) and is known to be extremely nourishing to the hair and face - often hailed as the "oil that cures everything but death". This oil is well known to fight the effects of aging and has been used to reverse hair damage and bald spots.*

Nigella sativa herb is known to contain around one hundred nutritional ingredients, including natural retinoid, which increases collagen production. Black Cumin Seed is hailed as a skin and hair heal all, increasing hair strength and gloss and for skin, increasing elasticity and suppleness. This recipe was used by ancient Egyptians to maintain their hair and skin glow. Sicilian neroli, or orange blossom is prized for its rejuvenating properties. – this serum is also great for age spots!*

8 trees will be planted in Ranomafana, Madagascar.

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*Now handcrafted in Honolulu, Hawaii

*Herb benefits and medicinal statements are not FDA approved*


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Ingredients: Pure Nigella sativa oil and Sicilian Neroli essential oil

Use daily, take four drops and spread on target areas or add to your daily face cream. Also use a hair serum, 5 drops in the hair, for immediate results


" I have to say since I started using this amazing serum I had no idea how great it would be on my skin. It made a big difference in the way my uneven skin tone was. I have large pores, sun spots and of course, wrinkles.  After using it for about 2 weeks, I noticed my pores were almost gone, my sun spots faded and I hardly noticed the wrinkles.  My skin is looking so much healthier and softer since using the black seed serum. I can't get enough and a little goes a long way!  I love the way my skin feels and looks now!  I look so much younger and for that I'm super happy!  I am forever thankful to Ny'Ala for making this wonderful natural product!  It's a keeper for me! "

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