Turmeric: The Inflammation Super Hero

So, I love turmeric, the little life saving anti-inflammatory root with an intense yellow-orange hue and spicy flavor. Known an ‘Ōlena in Hawai'i, this root is used for everything from skin care, tea, spice, curry, and more. 

Our Turmeric Balm was created to be used to combat inflammatory skin conditions like stubborn painful swollen pimples, small infections, or - like in my case, an entire face full of wicked sunburn. That's what I get for not re-applying my sunscreen despite knowing I should - I was out for nearly 10 hours, so it's my fault I got burned hah, thanks nature!

So - this is one of the many ways to use our Turmeric Balm - as a rescue mask for sunburn. I applied to my entire face and left it for 30 minutes - to avoid any mild skin staining (disappears in a couple hours ) you can also leave it on for 10-15 min. then wash your face normally.



Turmeric + Holy Basil Mocha Frap

I've recently came to the realization of how therapeutic self-care can be. I get this amazing joy from making healthy recipes - and coming up with new ideas of how to use food as medicine. 

In this recipe I'm using the combination of Holy Basil, "Tulsi" and Turmeric. Holy Basil is a renowned herb known for it's ability to regulate and decrease stress, and heal the mind + body. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Overall - this is a great combination to start your day with. Typically, if I'm having a really stressful week, I'll try to add holy basil and honey (i have a sweet tooth!) to my recipes to help me chill out.

.... and this week I definitely needed it! I had 4 wisdom teeth removed + a torn cornea in the same week - so my stress level has truly been at an all time high!

BUT - back to the recipe!!! - let's end this little rant with one of my favorite quotes (and a fitting one, too..)


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



Cold Coffee or Mushroom Coffee

pinch of Cinnamon + dash of Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp Holy Basil

1 teaspoon Turmeric

Milk + a little cream (or coconut cream)

1 Frozen Banana

3-4 tbsp of Cacao powder

maple syrup or raw honey

and a few dates!

*you can add a bit of green powder or protein powder too*