Reusable Containers

When I started Ny’Ala I had the intention of every product having little to zero environmental impact - and choosing glass containers was an absolute must.

I’m on the path to living a minimal waste life, so saving my jars and finding creative ways to reduce my environmental impact are so important to me. I’ve recently started regrowing my food waste, and using upcycled packaging!

Maybe it’s just me, but I am obsessed with keeping every snack, ingredient, spice, etc in glass bottles; it feels clean and fresh having.

There are a TON of uses for any glass container your reusing, whether it’s a jam jar or a beauty product, but these are some of my favorites!

Ny’Ala products have two different types of labels: an oil-proof removable label and a paper matte based removable. Both come off instantly, but the paper label might require soaking!



  • Buy products that have easy removable labels, or you can soak them or run them through the dishwasher and scrub the jar to remove the label.

  • Try to envision what you’ll use the bottle for - sometimes that helps me narrow down my grocery options, too.

  • Get a gritty sponge dedicated to this - once you soak a bottle or take it fresh out of a dishwasher, a quick brush over the label will totally remove it!

  • Get creative!! Gifts, candles, coconut oil, bulk spices, tea mix, makeup brush, D.I.Y. makeup pads, cotton balls, travel beauty - etc. The list is endless!


For at-home use, cleaning and sanitizing don’t have to be a total stress. I use an eco-friendly soap like Dr. Bronners and then have them sit in hot water for a minute, then brush + scrub + dry.

** Be sure to let the bottles dry completely! Never let water build up in the bottle if you intend to use it for any oil based product! Oil + water do not mix without a preservative and it will cause mold or yeast.


Plant Propagation -

Sometimes I’ll use the 2 oz. and the 4 oz. glass jars for plant propagation. There are a ton of plants that you can propagate directly in water -

  • Food Waste + Edible Plants: You can cut the top off and wash then submerge the bottom in water to grow. I change the water every other day.

    • Celery, Bok Choy,