3 Self Care Tips for the Overwhelmed

This week I had goals of writing an in depth blog about essential oils; how to source them, my top most useful essential oils, how to look out for sustainability and minimal rainforest impact and the reality of the fragrance industry. Life got ahead of me, and I wasn't able to find the time to write it. I went to bed last night stressed out and uncomfortable, only to wake up and realize, it's okay to table a project and be real. Head's up, because that's coming on Monday morning!

I had a beyond crazy week, prepping for a few wonderful events this week, filling orders, starting a new (and awesome!) job, and dealing with leaving my 7-month puppy alone twice a week for 5 hours... plus a few more things. All in all, typical life stresses got me feeling overwhelmed.

SO, here I am... 6:30 a.m. before work realizing that the only thing that really keeps me sane is a work-life balance, and some self love.

You have to carve out the time for your rituals every day, and know when to give yourself a damn break... Your creativity and drive will suffer without it.


3 self care tips for when

you're completely overwhelmed


1.  Mini Spa Night At Home

Sounds in-depth but it doesn't have to be. Whip out a face mask, or a heavy duty serum and apply to your face, and hop in the shower. If you can, close the doors and let the steam warm up the room. Take your time in the shower and just enjoy the peace. You can also diffuse your favorite essential oil blend or add a few drops to the shower.

When you're done, grab a moisturizer,  (oil, preferrably) and gently massage your face and neck and shoulders. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to boost the stress relief!(I search "self-massage" on youtube for tips!)


2. Make a cup of tea or hot cacao!

My favorite teas for a quick calm are:

Chamomile + Honey, a quick easy blend with no caffeine to calm your stomach and mind.

Lemon Balm + Ashwagandha + Mint Tea, a refreshing adaptogenic blend to calm frazzled nerves.

Cacao + Kava + Coconut Milk, a tasty winter remedy with serious anti-anxiety power - I have to say, just because kava is a natural plant does not mean it isnt dangerous - take this before bed if it's your first time trying Kava! 

***Try the kava first! if you hate the taste, then take the tincture and drink the cacao + coconut milk + water mixture separate!

Ingredients >>> One Cup Water + 1 heaping tablespoon cacao + a splash of coconut milk and 1-2 full droppers of Kava Kava Tincture (any health food store will stock this!). Blend in a blender
How to make >>>  Combine + heat the water, cacao and coconut milk, and blend with an immersion blender or normal blender. Add Kava tincture and mix. 


3. Get Outside!!!

Seriously, go take a walk, go to the beach or the park. Make sure to stay there at least 15 minutes. You can write, meditate, explore around, just try not to be absorbed into your phone! 

The benefits of nature are well-known, and powerful, so get out there!


Now, these are just the top three things that make me feel a little more on track when I'm completely burnt out.