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5 reasons we all need a beach day


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5 reasons we all need a beach day

Dana Cutolo


But really - there is real proof that the beach is beneficial to your health. 


1. Sun = Vitamin D

Vitamin D improves wellbeing, emotionally and physically by stimulating the production of serotonin, the chemical that works to keep us feeling alert, up-beat and happy.

2. Always a great hair + skin day 

“Sunlight makes your hair grow quicker and the iodine in seawater is great for the health of follicles,” says hair guru Neil Cornelius. “And then there’s that fresh, unfussy way that seawater makes your hair look. Billions of pounds have been spent in trying to recreate the look of just-off-the-beach hair."
AND sand is a natural exfoliator - keeping the skin healthy + happy!

3. Salt

Sea water literally preserves the elasticity of skin - and promotes the bodies natural detox mechanisms. 

4. Mental Health
UNPLUG. The mental and emotional benefits of unplugging, tuning out the world and just relaxing don't even need science to back it up.

5. Stress Free Living!

The casual vibe of the beach, connecting with loved ones, grabbing a cold drink - the beach is anti-stress.