How to Reuse Ny'Ala Packaging

We at Ny'Ala love to reuse everything - which is primarily the reason we chose reusable packaging - oh and for esthetics (because who doesn't love glass?!). 

Glass bottles + Muslin Bags are so incredibly easy to reuse because they can be used in so many ways. Here we listed some of our top favorite alternative ways our packaging can help you out :)

Travel Essentials Bag

Organizing for travel is one of my favorite things - but it can also be tedious. I prefer to just bring multi-use essentials only, which almost always fit into this (or two) little bag. 
Another tip - Jewelry - I almost always lose at least one piece while traveling - just toss everything in the muslin bag :)


Gift Bag

Need a bag for a tiny gift? Have a friend/family member that values conservation over new packaging? PERFECT. 


Tea / Drink Mix Carrier

This makes the best tea leaf carrier, you can also carry instant coffee/espresso with powdered creamer for a cup of delicious (&cheap) coffee on the go, you can put powdered gatorade or gym drink mix. Trust me, nothing will be better, especially if you commute/travel every day. 


Refill Dropper Bottles


You can take warm water + soap mix to scrub the labels off of our dropper bottles, and then use them for anything you like. DIY Perfume, Tinctures (travel with Kava Kava, trust me!), Make travel sized versions of essential products.... and more!

Bath Tea Bag or Poultice Bag

I use herbs a LOT, for nearly everything. My favorite uses are bath teas and poultices, but they are always messy. The muslin bag is amazing, you can put anything in it, avoiding a mess. Every get an amazing DIY bath soak recipe, but fear the clean up? Yeah? Well, fill the muslin bag and drop it in the bath, like a tea bag, let it swell with water and squeeze it a few times throughout the bath and voila, mess-free herbal bath! 

A poultice? What is that? - Well a poultice is similar, its a way to take herbs and apply directly to a would/affected area. You just put the herbs in, soak or dip in hot water and apply. Here are two DIY recipes for both of these uses..


Detoxifying Ginger Bath

4 parts Epsom Salt
1.5 part Ginger (powdered, 1 part if freshly ground)*
1 part Mustard Seed, powdered *
Lavender + Rosemary Essential Oil
(this combination is relaxing + stimulates blood flow - use any essential oils you prefer)

*typically available in grocery stores, definitely available in indian spice/grocery stores

- Fill up the Muslin Bag and place in bath, this will prevent the powdered herbs from clumping around the bath and prevent a difficult clean up -


Burn Poultice - 2 recipes -

Take dry lavender flowers (powdered or whole) and place in muslin bag, dip in water and apply


Take whole oats and fill muslin bag. Then dip in water and apply.


... So there you go, do you have another way to use our packaging? <3 happy reusing!