2016: 6,345 TREES




HOW AMAZING IS THAT? .. Yes, you read that right, 6,345 can be planted with the amount donated in the first year of Ny'Ala Skin Care. This is an incredible way to ring in 2017! Thank you to everyone who supported Ny'Ala this year, every single one of you helped accomplish this, so pat yourself on the back ;) 

It has been an incredibly intense, and fun, first year in business. So many lessons were learned! I am so excited to expand our product offerings, get out in the community and be able to donate more in 2017!

Reforestation is something that is incredibly important - over 90% of the original forest has been cut down in Madagascar - BUT there are incredible initiatives, and amazing people dedicating their lives to protect, restore and monitor rainforests (globally, not only in Madagascar). The rainforests of the world are incredibly important for the planet, for human health, and for the species which inhabit them. They mitigate the spread of infectious disease, soak up immense amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide), provide crucial medicines and foods, sustain diversity and much more. Here's a great quote:

The U.S. National Cancer Institute has identified 3000 plants that are active against cancer cells. 70 percent of these plants are found in the rainforest. Twenty-five percent of the active ingredients in today’s cancer-fighting drugs come from organisms found only in the rainforest.

Vincristine, extracted from the rainforest plant, periwinkle, is one of the world’s most powerful anticancer drugs. It has dramatically increased the survival rate for acute childhood leukemia since its discovery.

In 1983, there were no U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers involved in research programs to discover new drugs or cures from plants. Today, over 100 pharmaceutical companies and several branches of the US government, including giants like Merck and The National Cancer Institute, are engaged in plant research projects for possible drugs and cures for viruses, infections, cancer, and even AIDS.
— RainTree: www.paxnatura.org/RainforestPreservationBenefits.html

To say the absolute least, humans need rainforests - without them there will be no life. Ny'Ala Skin Care is dedicated to provided you with healthy, natural plant-based skin care, while providing capital for reforestation and conservation initiatives! Donations help - but funding via commerce can help even more in the long run. Every product you buy will plant anywhere from 5-72 trees (about ~9 trees per $1 donated). 

If you want to learn more about Centre ValBio and ICTE, the facilities we work with, check out our Reforestation page, or visit them online here.

Thank you all so much for a fabulous first year! If you have any questions, ideas or want to write a story about our mission, contact Dana Cutolo at danacutolo@Ny-Ala.com. 

Check out what our first year looked like: