It is crazy how fast time flies. It was one year ago today that I launched my website and set off on this journey. Initially, I made skin care from my heart, purely because I loved it, and I deeply loved giving people quality products to help them relax and restore themselves. I saw herbal skin care as an art, a way to express the beauty of plants in different ways, combining them, heating them, infusing them - all to create something beautiful.

I then realized that with beauty, with commerce, you can have an effective way to bring money to causes that need it. Being another source of funding for the amazing reforestation efforts in Ranomafana, Madagascar gave me a way to be directly involved in a project so close to my heart. Seeing these rainforests, and the amount of danger they face, is a powerful wake up call, it's a jolt of harsh and undeniable reality: our planet is in very real danger. Knowing what could be found in these forests, valuable medicines, wildlife that has not been discovered yet, being burned away or cut down is a risk to humanity - not just those living around the forest. We aim to try to keep these projects funded and keep them running - they could potentially be saving us. 

Thank you all for supporting this project, I cannot wait to combine more plants, play with flowers and bring you lovely skin care products that will nourish you, and plant trees! Here are some photos of Ranomafana, Madagascar and beyond :)