Winter Remedy: Bentonite Clay + Lemon Detox Bath!

Herbal baths are an excellent winter "pick-me-up". Want to bust dull winter skin and rejuvenate your bodt? My favorite routine is a face mask + bath + massage combination - nothing makes you feel better than this!

A few things are extremely important, especially during the winter because the following occurs:

1. We are more dehydrated than usual because of the dry, cold weather, and the fact the ultimately, we drink less water.
2. Our body becomes stagnant - because it is cold, there is less warmth in our bodies - leading to blockages in lymph.
3. Our skin becomes dry and flaky

What I can recommend is drinking a lot of tea, or room temperature water, staying as warm and bundled as you can, eating warm/dense/nourishing foods and moisturizing our bodies. This routine will resolve all of these factors.. You will need to do a few things before you start:


Okay, now for the spa treatments, you'll need the basics first! 


1. Make a bath salt containing 1 cup Epsom Salt, 1/2 cup Bentonite Clay, 10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil, 10 drops Lemon Essential Oil.
-optional ingredients- 1 tbsp Activated Charcoal, Chamomile Flowers, or you can switch or leave out the essential oils!
2. Cut up lemon slices for the bath!
3. Have your REVIVE Everything Oil ready for an awesome self massage after the bath!

1. Fill the bath with the salts and apply your face mask.

2. The face mask can stay on throughout the bath or you can wash it off directly in the bath water.

3. Sit, relax, breathe.

4. Get out, lay on the towel and massage your neck to relax

5. Hop back in the bath for a few more minutes (embrace the warmth, ahh...)

6. Get out, lay on the towel and massage your face and body with the oil - take your time, limb by limb, taking care to moisturize and massage your whole body... 

I am such a huge fan of massaging oil into my skin and scalp on relaxing nights like these - oil massages help move lymph - preventing colds, flus and general ill days...