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Natural Skin Care + Tropical Apparel & Accessories that contribute to reforestation and conservation of rainforests.

How stress can affect your skin...


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How stress can affect your skin...

Dana Cutolo


We all know stress affects our skin + our general wellbeing. Stress is a key factor in acne breakouts, facial cysts, dull skin, darkened undereyes, and more.

Our health literally depends on it... but if you are looking to really fix your skins appearance - this step is crucial.

In our society, life is fast paced and highly stressful. We tend to feel guilty about being self indulgent and taking time out for ourself -- but we shouldn't. I am calling for us to all practice intentional relaxation. We should all take a night out of our schedule to self indulge, for our health and for our minds.. whether it's meditation, exercise or a nice, relaxing home spa night.. let's just force ourselves to be a priority. 


The winter is cold, stressful and general exhausting on the body - so self care is sort of like a power boost.

A simple self-care night is one of my favorite ways to calm down and zen out. It can be a face mask + a hot shower, or a self massage – or anything, just take the time J

Read our blog on "The Ultimate At Home Spa Day" for some tips! .. We'll also be posting self care tips every week, so check back :)