Monday Blues Spa Night

“Whose got a case of the Mondays”.. that scene still makes me laugh – you know, from Office Space the movie – Anyways, Mondays suck, it’s the beginning of the week and yeah, work, life, everything that isn’t involving your bed is happening and it’s stressful. That is the ultimate reason to treat yourself in the beginning of the week with an at home spa night. You’ll only need an hour (or less if you have to!). So grab all of your favorite body products and get to it! Here’s a guide to my spa night, but you can always add anything you want … 


Here are the ingredients to my perfect night:

1.    A facial mask

2.   Bath Salt (Epsom works best!)

3.   A body scrub

4.   A cocktail (or an infused water, like cucumber water)

5.   Music + Atmosphere (candles or incense!)

(... and a hot towel to steam your face at the end)


Now that you have all the necessary things in place, fill up a bath and put on the playlist. While the bath is filling take some time to clean your face and apply the mask. I tend to use a gentle cleanser or an herb infused cleansing oil (available through Ny’Ala soon!), then I apply. 

Now step into the filling bath and scrub your body with the body scrub, you can leave it on your skin while you soak for extra moisturizing.



Enjoy your bath, relax, and unwind – here’s two more tips:

1 - lay a towel on the floor by the bath and get out once, cool down, and get back in – this trick does wonders for your circulation. 

2 - take a towel and rub some essential oils onto it (i love lavender or eucalyptus, or a relaxing blend of oils) and then put some hot water on it and place it on your face to steam off the mask - and you've completed a spa night!