Clove - Girofle

Clove is a globally used spice as well as a traditional medicine. Clove invokes memories of Christmas, chai lattes and winter.

Clove is widely known for its wide range of medicinal benefits; cloves naturally have high levels of Eugenol. Eugenol is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal; they are used as a numbing agent and a digestive aid. It’s officially safe to say cloves are little medicinal powerhouses. I love plants with such a wide array of uses, these are the medicines I like to keep handy; especially while travelling! Put a drop in water for bloating, gas, potential parasitic infections and general stomach upset; put a few drops in oil and rub onto rashes and blemishes to disinfect and heal them with the rich antioxidants.

 Did you know clove oil is one of the best remedies for parasites, fungal rashes, .. and it works as a bug spray alternative and a face wash.

 Aside from internal medicine, cloves are excellent for the skin. Naturally, plants like clove with high levels of antioxidants make an excellent addition to skin care.

Acne, which causes skin issues such as whiteheads, blackheads, scarring, flaking skin and are the result of bacteria stuck in pores. Clove is naturally an antimicrobial and the smallest amount put in a carrier oil can disinfect skin while retaining natural moisture. Similar to the popular tea tree oil, only more effective. The only qualm is that clove is potentially irritating, which is why only a small amount is used in skin care.

Rashes and cuts – this is partially what makes clove oil an essential travel medicine. I always get odd rashes, cuts, mild infections and bites – a bit of clove oil diluted in coconut oil or an infusion (clove tea) is the best remedy. 

In 2016, Ny’Ala will offer a full line of products containing Madagascar Clove, made specifically for skin repair and healing. We will have a scrub and a matching healing oil – so check back with us for updates on our progress!

Do not take clove oil internally unless you are professionally trained or talk with your doctor/herbalist.
Do not apply clove oil directly to skin unless properly diluted or in a professional skin care product.