The Truth About Your Body Products

The truth is, the cosmetic industry is truly lenient in their standards - in essence - there aren't many rules. Now, I don't know about you, but that scares me. How do I know the effect of this product, not only on my body, but on the planet, and where did the ingredients come from - who grew them, what country are they from? ... When did we become so clueless? I suppose as industries grew bigger, competition widened and resources for cheap ingredients came into the picture. I understand it, why not save money and use fillers, preservatives, petroleum products and other cheap ingredients? .. Unfortunately though, nature is always going to be the better option and that will always be standard. Further - we should not be damaging waterways, making water undrinkable and hiring cheap labor that in essence makes people slaves, just to be beautiful - not when we have the OPTION to do it BETTER - to be beautiful, healthy and make the world a better place. I just can't get enough of that concept.

So, here are two short videos by an amazing organization / project called The Story of Stuff - they put it together perfectly. The second video is a recent issue that has come to light only over the past year - microbeads. This is a shining example of the cosmetic industries lenient standards and their effects. Microbeads were introduced into countless products from facial + body scrubs to toothpaste (YEAH, they do get stuck in your gum line!).. these were introduced as a cheap alternative to natural exfoliants. I find that ridiculous, because salt / sugar / powdered herbs / sand are all cheap and natural exfoliators. So, microbeads are small plastic beads that do not break down in our system or the natural ecosystem, so they accumulate. This is why I stress knowing your product, the company and having a safe feeling about what you are using. Who knew innocently using a face scrub for 'bright skin' would actually micro-scratch and damage our skin and accumulate in water ways disrupting the entire earth, that's a pretty big mistake these companies made trying to make a quick dollar - OOPS. What are your thoughts?

Watch the videos below for more information
sources: www.StoryofStuff.org
sign the petition to BAN THE BEAD at: http://storyofstuff.org/plastic-microbeads-ban-the-bead/