Wildflower Paper - Handmade Packaging in Ambalavao, Madagascar

So, every week I will be highlighting the local producers that will eventually make up my entire business - all of these people use their incredible indigenous skill to create the highest quality artisanal products - all of which will be featured here. As this business expands you'll get to keep up with each producer to see how they are doing as the products sell.

This week Patricia Wright ( // brought me along to Ambalavao, a small town west of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar and Anja National Park. I have been scouting local producers for various aspects of my product line. So, this day we went to Ambalavao to check out these two amazing groups of women that make handmade wildflower paper and another group that raise silk worms and naturally dyed silk with various plants and make all sorts of accessories and clothing. It is absolutely amazing to see the detail and care that goes into each handmade product. 

The paper is made from the bark pulp of the fully grown Avoha trees grown locally. Then soaked and hammered into flat sheets. These flat sheets are laid out and then have wildflowers pressed into them as you can see above... Then dried in the sun on flat screens. Each step done by hand, no factory involved -- incredibly impressive.

I am honored to be featuring all of these local Malagasy artists in my product :)