Happy world lemur day!!!

SO - it's World Lemur Day - and I have to say, I am so excited! There is so much passion and drive towards conservation in Madagascar that I find myself in complete awe. 

Lemurs. The single most amazing primate - Right now I am thinking back to this day I hike in a region of Madagascar called Andasibe, to see the Indri, one of the most vocal, and also the largest of the Lemurs. Here's a video, just so you can feel it. That day was so magical, it's just one I will never forget it. 

Lemurs are endemic to Madagascar - this means they do not exist anywhere else in the world. There are 101 species, 48 of which are endangered, and 22 are considered critically endangered. This is scary mostly because each Lemur species is specifically adapted to their environments - so if the land is destroyed, if they aren't protected, they will be lost forever. 

But it isn't all sad news - there are incredible scientists, conservationists and NGO's working hard to protect them and the natural environment in Madagascar! Isn't that exciting?! Ny'Ala has partnered with one of the best - Patricia Wright, a world renowned primatologist to put a percentage of each purchase toward to protection of the rainforests of Ranomafana, Madagascar.

As you can tell - we LOVE Madagascar - so we want you guys to learn more about this amazing country, especially today!! - So follow the links below :)