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Natural Skin Care + Tropical Apparel & Accessories that contribute to reforestation and conservation of rainforests.



N Y ' A L A

means "From The Rainforest" in Malagasy


I’m Dana, and I created Ny’Ala in 2015 with a love for beauty and natural remedies. I’m an esthetician, environmentalist and a plant lover. 

Nature has everything we need for healing, and the immense power of plants has inspired the creation of Ny'Ala Skin Care.

While working in the field of rainforest conservation I learned about the devastating effects of deforestation. I created Ny’Ala as a way to bridge my passion for botany and wellness with my love for nature.

Ny’Ala is meshing wellness with conservation because the two are naturally connected..

Every ingredient, package and message holds power. Ny’Ala is comprised of sustainable, natural ingredients and recyclable and/or reusable packaging.


Each product sold will contribute to reforestation in our worlds most at-risk rainforest. 




Provide sustainable, natural and healthy plant based skin and body products with
simple and effective herbal recipes.


Each product was born from a love of plants. 

Every item is intended to showcase the beauty of nature, and inspire an understanding
of why we should work to protect it.


Approach conservation in innovative ways - provide funding for sustainable conservation + development projects via commerce.

Use well-sourced ingredients that are sustainable and do not put rainforests at risk.


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Why Madagascar?

Madagascar is where our founder first learned about the vast effects of deforestation - this is where the concept os Ny'Ala was first inspired.

Madagascar is one of the most unique countries on this planet, both in terms of flora and fauna, of which 90% is endemic to the island, and in culture. Conservationists in all fields have flocked to this extraordinary island to research and protect the vastly diverse species found here. But the immense beauty and rarity aside - these Jurassic Park-like rainforests are severely endangered - there is only 10% of the original forest still left. Poverty and the relentless extraction of forest resources are the two main factors. The people in the outlying areas of Madagascar, such as in Ranomafana, have little access to job security, this means some people rely on unsustainable jobs like gold-mining; this erodes precious river walls and encroaches on an already declining forest. Gold, mineral and precious wood extraction from foreign resources is also a major factor in deforestation. Ny’Ala is dedicated to fighting both of these factors.

We have partnered with Dr. Patricia Wright of Centre Val Bio Research Center and ICTE (The Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments) to put 10% of every purchase toward reforestation, conservation education and community development in Ranomafana, Madagascar.


Why Hawai'i?

"The Hawaiian Islands have lost about 90% of their endemic rain forests over the past 100 years. The Koa tree is a nitrogen rich species that provides nutrients for all other endemic under-story plants in the rain forest. The Koa is a keystone species that provides food and habitat for Hawai`i’s native insect and plant species. Endemic trees of Hawai`i protect the watershed of the ecosystem and combat erosion of the forest floor." Reforest Hawaii (

The forests around the islands of Hawai'i are at risk largely due to: commercial building, ranching, logging, invasive plant species removal and wild / feral animal populations.

10% of our newly released Tropical Body Serum, and our new winter line, will be donated directly to Reforest Hawai'i.


Patricia Wright + Centre ValBio
Distinguished Primatologist and Founder of Centre ValBio

Dr. Patricia Wright is the Founder of Centre ValBio, a modern research campus in the rainforest of Madagascar. She is a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at Stony Brook University. Dr. Wright has devoted most of her professional life to working on Madagascar. For more than two decades, she has managed to combine her research with efforts to preserve the country’s endangered forests and the many species of plants and animals they harbor.

Dana met Pat while studying abroad at Centre ValBio in 2012. After the wonderful program they kept in touch and in 2015 they partnered together to make Ny'Ala happen!

Currently, every sale is helping Pat and staff at Centre ValBio to run community development and conservation education programs, and reforesting regions of Ranomafana, Madagascar.



“Ola ka ʻĀina, ola ke Kānaka.”

When the Land lives, the People live.

Reforest Hawai'i has a mission to plant endemic Hawaiian plants and trees that will live out their lives in a native Hawaiian forest.

Their goal is to encourage others to help revive, replenish, restore, reconnect, and reaffirm people with the native Hawaiian forests by reforesting with endemic Hawaiian plants and trees. We offer individuals and groups the opportunity to sponsor endemic plants and trees that will never be cut or harvested.

10% of the Tropical Body Serum + Fall / Winter Apparel will be donated to Reforest Hawai'i to plant native trees on the Big Island!