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Staten Island, New York

Natural Skin Care + Tropical Apparel & Accessories that contribute to reforestation and conservation of rainforests.


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We're Moving!!! (towards our goals!)

Dana Cutolo


Ny'Ala Skin Care launched in December of 2015 with a mission to create a product line that was healthy for the body, the planet and the people and regions where the ingredients come from.

We began in Madagascar with the hope that we could get every ingredient in country in order to strengthen the micro local economies and create jobs, while providing our customers with top of the line farm direct ingredients- while this was a a wonderful goal we shortly realized that everything takes time - and creating a business which would use 100% Malagasy ingredients and employ only Malagasy was a very lofty goal. In reality that kind of business is intensely difficult to start up in a foreign country with minimal resources. Instead, we chose to work smarter, support initiatives with like goals and work towards our mission slowly. 

 Ny'Ala began in Ranomafana, and has partnered with friends in an amazing organization I have directly worked for,  ICTE (Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments) and their research facilities in Ranomafana, Madagascar,  Centre ValBio to sustain their reforestation and community development project, which you can learn more about here!  



Ny'Ala's goals were the same, but the process had to change in order to make an impact sooner than later. The goal was and always has been to

  1. Support direct conservation work,
  2. Support local economic growth in Ranomafana, Madagascar and tropical conservation hotspots (especially regions in which we purchase our ingredients from).
  3. Intentionally source materials from sustainable farms.

This is life- we make goals and sometimes we have to pivot and change along the way to reach them, right? Well, over the past year and a half we successfully built our brand to support our first two goals, now, it's time for our third. We have been blessed to get ingredients from wonderful sources such as the farmers of Ranomafana and northern Madagascar for our essential oils, and @AtacoraWellness for our Shea Butter and Baobab Oils and wonderful American farmers and businesses for our Sea Salt, beeswax ( Staten Island, NY based Beezy Beez, flowers and more! Now we're ready to take it a step further.

Living in New York made it difficult to stay present in tropical conservation issues, and even more difficult to interact with sustainable farmers. We are now moving to Oahu, and our goal is to use as many local, American/Hawaiian grown ingredients as possible, and to educate beauty consumers on the impact of their ingredient choices. We cannot wait for this journey! The power in knowing the person who created your ingredients is truly so immense! Mother Nature is not limitless - every plant is grown in quantities unique to that particular plant, once we learn how to live our lives sustainably and within natures bounds we can live fuller lives in tune with our world. See, we do not have to deprive ourselves of the worlds bounties, just learn how to do it sustainably! 

So, that being said we are closing the website for a few weeks in order to relocate and acquire some local ingredients to concoct amazing Skin Care for all of you beauties!!!

We will be closed from May 20th - September 1st! In the meantime our products will be solely available at - an amazing local Brooklyn based company that supports local American makers and farmers from the east coast! You can buy food, condiments, beauty care, gift baskets and more along with your Ny'Ala Skin Care! (Talk about an amazing deal!) Get everything quick while supplies last because they have a limited quantity of our best sellers! 

Most of all, thank you so much to all of our supporters! We very much look forward to sharing our journey and bringing you the best, locally farmed and conscious skin care and body products soon!