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Staten Island, New York

Natural Skin Care + Tropical Apparel & Accessories that contribute to reforestation and conservation of rainforests.

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Dana Cutolo

Founder of Ny'Ala Skin Care

In 2012, I travelled to Madagascar on a study abroad program through Stony Brook University - and for the first time was able to see a lush and richly endemic rainforest. I absolutely fell in love with the tropical jungle.

What I came to learn is that globally, our rainforests are at risk, and I wanted to help change it - but I wasn't sure how.

After taking time to study traditional herbal medicine and ethnobotany, I decided the best way to help was to move to Madagascar and learn about deforestation and environmental issues directly where my passion began. So in 2014, I set off to live in Kianjavato, Madagascar and work with an organization called Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership (
I learned more than I could have ever imagined, in a place filled with natural beauty. 

I launched Ny'Ala in 2015 to use luxury handcrafted skin care and accessories as a vector for helping to fund reforestation, environmental education and community development projects. 

I hope in the future every business will be a vector for change. My firm belief is that if we all do something small, that is when great and tangible change occurs.

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About Ny'Ala Skin Care



“Ny’Ala” means “From the Forest..." in Malagasy. We create natural and healing skin care products, herbal cosmetics and rainforest inspired accessories. Our products will never contain synthetic ingredients, or fillers of any kind - only plant-based ingredients - as a testament to nature's power.

We wanted to create a line of high quality, 100% natural and socially conscious products that heal and nourish the body. I want to inspire the cosmetic industry to be more transparent in the products they sell, and for consumers to have access to the best possible non-toxic body care; and to promote the conjunctive healing of the mind, body and planet, while providing capital for conservation efforts in tropical regions. I want Ny'Ala to be part of the change... because what's better than beauty with a cause?


Why Madagascar?

Madagascar is where our founder first learned about the vast effects of deforestation - this is where our concept was first inspired.

Madagascar is one of the most unique countries on this planet, both in terms of flora and fauna, of which 90% is endemic to the island, and in culture. Conservationists in all fields have flocked to this extraordinary island to research and protect the vastly diverse species found here. But the immense beauty and rarity aside - these Jurassic Park-like rainforests are severely endangered - there is only 10% of the original forest still left. Poverty and the relentless extraction of forest resources are the two main factors. The people in the outlying areas of Madagascar, such as in Ranomafana, have little access to job security, this means some people rely on unsustainable jobs like gold-mining; this erodes precious river walls and encroaches on an already declining forest. Gold, mineral and precious wood extraction from foreign resources is also a major factor in deforestation. Ny’Ala is dedicated to fighting both of these factors.

We have partnered with Dr. Patricia Wright of Centre Val Bio Research Center and ICTE (The Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments) to put 10% of every purchase toward reforestation, conservation education and community development in Ranomafana, Madagascar.


The Future...

We want to make Ny'Ala a source of support for conservation and reforestation programs. Currently, we are basing 10% of all sales (not profits!) to supporting programs in Ranomafana, Madagascar. 

In 2017 we will be adding another support program out of Hawaii so stay tuned!



Our Products

Our products are meant to invoke an appreciation for our rainforests - while treating yourself to beautiful accessories and luxury handcrafted body products.

Our belief is that we all deserve high quality + healing body products that we can trust are healthy for our body, minds and the environment from which they come. We try to source our ingredients from the best possible sources and be 100% transparent with our ingredients list. Natural products should not include fragrance oils, synthetic colors or waxes, and we only use plant derived ingredients. In 2017 we are working on sourcing 95% of our ingredients local to the manufacturer and made within the U.S.A.


Read about what our customers think on the Ny'Ala Testimonial Page


Our Mission


Provide 100% natural and healthy skin and body products


The design of our accessories and skin-care line were born from our love of the rainforest. Every item is intended to showcase the beauty of nature.


Approach conservation in innovative ways - provide funding for sustainable conservation + development projects via commerce.

Use well-sourced ingredients that are conflict free, and do not put rainforests at risk.



Our Partnerships


Kelsie DiPerna
Hawaii Based Photographer + Traveler

Kelsie met Dana in Madagascar, when talk of creating a line of sustainable and holistic products was still in the dream stage. With a shared love of conservation and the mystical allure of Madagascar’s forests, she aims to showcase these botanics from the tropics themselves as Ny’Ala’s photographer and brand ambassador. She also has an amazing photography
travel blog ( ) -
and check her out on Instagram ( @KelsieDiPernaPhoto )

*contact Kelsie DiPerna directly for inquiries about photography



Patricia Wright + Centre ValBio
Distinguished Primatologist and Founder of Centre ValBio

Dr. Patricia Wright is the Founder of Centre ValBio, a modern research campus in the rainforest of Madagascar. She is a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at Stony Brook University. Dr. Wright has devoted most of her professional life to working on Madagascar. For more than two decades, she has managed to combine her research with efforts to preserve the country’s endangered forests and the many species of plants and animals they harbor.

Dana met Pat while studying abroad at Centre ValBio in 2012. After the wonderful program they kept in touch and in 2015 they partnered together to make Ny'Ala happen!

Currently, every sale is helping Pat and staff at Centre ValBio to run community development and conservation education programs, and reforesting regions of Ranomafana, Madagascar.